What is LEP?
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    LEP: Laser Excited Phosphor.
    Weltool LEP starts by focusing blue laser beams on a layer of fluorescence, initially emitting yellow fluorescence; this, combined with the remaining blue laser, creates the target white laser beam.  The Weltool W3, “The Featherless Arrow”, leverages this technology as its core to create the white laser illumination. Since yellow fluorescence is a wide spectrum light, the white laser created from it is also a wide spectrum light.  This is the technology at the core of not just Weltool Laser, but all laser illumination technology, bringing lamp life in excess of 10,000 hours.

    The research team behind this remarkable light technology hails from the world famous Tsinghua University.  This breakthrough work fully resolved the Fluorescence Thermal Quenching issues, enabling the Fluorescence to fully withstand the high frequency laser activation and continuously emit bright light.  Currently there are over 120 total technology patents, over 70 innovation patents, 1 international PCT, and 10 licensed patents.

    The Weltool W3 uses an extremely focused laser beam to activate its Fluorescence, all the light created from the activation will be focused to one tiny originating spot as an extremely tight focused beam, further transformed into a blinding pillar of light by a special reflector and lens system.  

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