• Weltool LH3 Lights Head for Weaponlights
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  • Weltool LH3 Lights Head for Weaponlights

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This LH3 light head is extraordinary, compatible with surefire's M600DF weapon light, and its throwing distance can reach 886 meters! The head of this weapon light uses expensive LEP light source, no flooding, and the light intensity is as high as 196,275 candela!

It has powerful concentrating and throwing ability, high collimation, can penetrate the muzzle smoke, rainstorm, dust and lock the target, which will make the opponent temporarily blind or dizzy, will not interfere with teammates’ sight or expose teammates, LH3 is especially suitable for special forces personnel to perform tasks and training.

  This light uses a high-power LEP light source manufactured by a third party. The optical power exceeds 0.2W. It is a Class IIIb laser product. The user must operate in accordance with local laws and regulations and related precautions. Any legal issues have nothing to do with the manufacturer and seller. Read the "laser safety label" in the package before use! Make sure you are familiar with and comply.

When using this light, the standard opaque protective cover can be installed on the head cover as a light path sealing device, which can completely block the light at the light outlet;

Except for law enforcement personnel permitted by law, other people are strictly prohibited from using this light to irradiate the human body! It is strictly forbidden to irradiate traveling aircraft and cars!

It is strictly forbidden for anyone to use this light to illuminate mirrors, glass or objects that may reflect light on the surface. The damage caused by reflection may be the same as direct exposure

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to:     Click Here

Aluminum alloy CNC processed, the surface is hard oxidized
Output: 335 lumens, 196,275 candela
Run-time:  2.7hours @18650 battery (UB18-35) ,
                  50minutes @18350 battery(UB18-12)
Battery: 1 18650 or 18350 Rechargeable lithium ion battery (not included)
Reverse polarity protection
Over-Discharger protection
Low Voltage Warning
No PWM, no noise, and temperature control protection function
Double-sided anti-reflection coating tempered glass lens
Dimensions: (diameter) 32.5mm, (length) 67mm,
Weight: 91±0.5g
Included: LP32 protective cover

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  • G***= (Ordinary) 2021-04-06 23:22:46

    Are the electronics of this light head fully potted?

    • Mall Customer >2021-05-15 17:59:46

      Hi,There are electronic components inside the LH3 head that are reinforced with fastening glue. Although it is not a complete potting method, it is impact resistant.

  • a*** (Ordinary) 2020-11-26 12:41:46

    If I use Surefire M600DF body, Could LH3 use 2x 123A battery?

    • Mall Customer >2020-12-13 15:03:15

      No, LH3 can only use 1 lithium-ion battery, such as 18650 battery, not 2 CR123A batteries