• Weltool TC69L Tail cover with indicator light for W35/W65 body
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  • Weltool TC69L Tail cover with indicator light for W35/W65 body

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Product parameters

    TC69L tail cover is suitable for Weltool W35/W65 weapon light body, and also compatible with surefire E series flashlight and MH30/31/60/61/60DF/62 weapon light body.

    The tail cover has a built-in red indicator light. When the flashlight, weapon light or helmet light is installed with batteries, the red light inside the tail cover will light up. When the main light turns on, the tail light turns off.

    It is especially suitable for flashlights, weapon lights, and helmet lights that use IR light sources as the main light. Users can intuitively see whether the main light is turned on without wearing a night vision goggles. When used as the tail cover of the helmet light, the partner behind you will intuitively see your position.

    CNC machined aluminum alloy, anodized surface, available in black and FDE


    When you are not using your weapon lights, flashlights or helmet lights, please take out the battery, so that the indicator light will drain the battery power.

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