• Weltool T2 TAC LED tactical flashlight  1900lumens
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  • Weltool T2 TAC LED tactical flashlight 1900lumens

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Product parameters

    The T2 TAC flashlight is a tactical version of the T2. The high mode can reach 1,900 lumens, 46,500 candela, and the throwing distance is 431 meters. The light head adopts Weltool's patented through-hole cooling structure, which releases the heat generated by LEDs and electronic components to the environment in time through air convection.

    T2 TAC is in high mode when it is turned on, allowing frequent momentary and maintaining high mode all the time.there is a forward switch inside the tail cover, which can handle 10A current.The flashlight with a stainless steel pocket clip, easy to carry. There are stainless steel attack bezel on the front end of the head, which are wear-resistant and drop-resistant, and there are 3 springs in the body, which are shock-resistant.


    Aluminum alloy material, hard anodized surface

    Aluminum alloy reflector, coated tempered glass lens

    High power white light X-LED, color temperature 6500-6800K


    The above data is obtained by using Weltool INR18-30P and Panasonic CR123A batteries in a normal temperature environment test. Different test environments and conditions will affect the test data and are for reference only.

    The flashlight has battery over-discharge protection (when using lithium-ion batteries), battery polarity protection, and low-voltage reminder functions.

    No flicker and noise

    Patented through-hole cooling structure, patented switch structure, patented appearance

    Battery type: 1 high drain 18650 li-ion battery or 2 CR123A batteries

    IP67, can be used in heavy rain

    Passed the 1-meter drop resistance test

    Each flashlight has its own serial number

    Weight: 95±1g (without battery)

    Size (±0.5mm): (head diameter) 26.5mm, (body diameter) 24mm, (length) 135mm

    Included: Weltool 3000mAh 18650 Li-Ion Battery, Charger, O-ring, Pocket Clip

    Operation method:

    Install the battery correctly first

    Half-press the tail switch button once to turn on the flashlight, release to turn off. Firmly press the "click" sound to keep the light on, and press the switch again with a "click" sound to turn off the flashlight.

    In the off state, half-press the switch four times continuously to enter the low mode, and can be pressed hard to lock.

    When the battery power drops, the flashlight will flash, please charge the battery in time.

    When the battery power is exhausted, the flashlight will automatically stop working.

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