• Weltool W2“Winged Tiger”LEP Mini EDC flashlight
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  • Weltool W2“Winged Tiger”LEP Mini EDC flashlight

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The W2 is a mini LEP tactical flashlight with a length of only 108mm and a throw of 800 meters. Uses 1 14500 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 280 lumens, 160,000 candela. W2 uses an optical system that combines SMD LEP light source and optical glass convex lens. It has a narrow beam with spill, which is suitable for lightweight tactical lighting needs. W2 adopts a forward switch, which can turn on when half-pressed, and can also quickly turn on strobe. W2's low-lumen and high-candela beam is conducive to dark adaptation and maintaining situational awareness, and is suitable for law enforcement and other purposes.


CNC machined from T6 series aluminum alloy material, hard anodized

Using SMD LEP light source, continuous working life is about 10,000 hours

Optical glass convex lens, stainless steel lens bezel

Output Data:

The flashlight has overheating protection, battery over-discharge protection, battery reverse connection protection and low voltage reminder function

Uses 1 rechargeable high drain14500 lithium-ion battery

Each flashlight has an independent serial number

IP67, can be used in heavy rain

This flashlight passed the 1 meter drop resistance test

Weight (without battery): 52±0.5g

Dimensions (±0.5mm): (Head diameter) 23mm, (Body diameter) 18mm, (Length) 108mm

Included: 1 Weltool 650mAh 14500 battery, 1 O-ring, 1 portable charger, 1 stainless steel pocket clip


After installing the battery, half-press the tail switch and the flashlight will turn on. Release the switch and it will turn off. Press the switch fully to make a "click" sound and continue to work. Press the switch again to turn off the flashlight.

In the off state, half-press the switch 3 times quickly to turn on the strobe, and you can lock the strobe to hold after pressing the switch hard.

After turning off the strobe, the flashlight will automatically return to normal mode.

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