• Weltool M3 &quotIron Arm
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  • Weltool M3 "Iron Arm" Gooseneck Magnetic Base Work Light

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This is an user-friendly designed work light for maintenance or production environment. It doesn't need to connect the power cord. One big magnet on the base of M3 grabs onto steel surfaces even vertical adsorption for hands-free use, thus it can also help you to collect scattered nails, screws and other small parts. Silicone-wrapped metal gooseneck tube can be 360 degrees exposure in any direction. Light output is 329 lumens; 104m (341ft) beam distance; powered by 1/2/3 18650 Li-ion batteries, runs 7.5 hours without drop. No low frequency flashings. It can reach the same brightness nomatter using one battery or two batteries. Even with one battery, M3 can still run 2.5 hours! When the battery power is low, it has a humanized flashing tips, leaving enough time for you to find batteries. At this time, even if you forget to replace the battery, M3 can automatically stop working in order to protect your battery from over discharge. "Iron arm" can be used for vehicle maintenance, producing machine tools, equipment inspection and other fields. Straighten the gooseneck M3 can be used as a flashlight as well.
"Iron Arm" ------ your effective arm!



  • First unscrew the flashlight tail cap counterclockwise, install one/two/three high quality rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery with the "-" end face the spring on the battery holder.
  • After the battery is installed, make the positive end of the battery on the battery holder face the head cap,then tighten the tail cap clockwise.
  • When you install more than one batteries in, please use batteries with good consistency.
  • A single fully press the pushbutton switch (until it clicks) to turn the light on/off at full intensity.
  • During using, when the battery power drops, the flashlight goes flashing twice to remind you, even if you are focusing on the work, you will notice the flashing tips. Please replace the battery when it flashes at the first time.
  • The flashlight will still work for several minutes after the first flashing, leaving you enough time to replace battery.
  • The flashlight goes off after the second time flashes.

Weltool M3
worklight has a strong magnet in it, please be aware of the following:

1.   Please do not approach the electronic equipments, it will affect theirs working efficiency.

2.   Do not store in humid environment or the temperature is over 80 ℃, in order to avoid changing the magnetic properties.

3.   Please keep M3 worklight away from those people who are sensitive to metal objects.

4.   Do not place working light near disks, hard drives, cards, tapes, video tubes, magnetic recorders, etc. Magnets will destroy the recorded data.

5.   Do not store this item in your shirt pocket if you use a pacemaker or other electronic medical devices.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to:     
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  • Dimensions: Face cap diameter 25.4mm (1”), Body Diameter 48mm (1.89”), Length 113mm(4.45”); head + gooseneck length 138mm(5.43”) ±5mm (0.20”)
  • Case Material : Anodized aerospace-grade aluminum construction
  • Reflector System: Deep-dish parabolic smooth reflector
  • Lamp Source: Features one powerful X-LED, 170LM/W peak beam intensity with a 50000 hours lifetime
  • Light Output: 329 lumens; 2700 candela; 104m (341ft) beam distance; runs 7.5 hours  (Using three Weltool INR18-26 rechargeable Li-ion battery tested)
  • ON/OFF: Push-button with a 50000 times lifespan
  • Battery: One or two or three rechargeable 18650 Li-ion batteries (Not included)
  • Weight: 350g(12.35 oz) (without battery)
  • One strong magnet embedded in the bottom of the cylinder body can be firmly attached to the metal surface
  • Includes a battery holder which can install 3 * 18650 Li-ion batteries
  • Silicone-wrapped metal gooseneck, its diameter is 0.5 "(1.27cm)
  • Lead-free PCB
  • Fully regulated output for consistent lumen performance over the battery life
  • A rope ring is on the body which can be inserted into by any lanyard its diameter is less than 5mm (0.019”)
  • Lower voltage hint function
  • Over discharge protection
  • No low frequency flashing, and no noise of current
  • Non-slip knurled grip body
  • Gold-coating phosphor bronze conductive spring
  • 1m (39.37 ”) impact resistance tested
  • IP ratings up to IP66, can be used in heavy rain
  • Individually serialized for positive identification

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