Weltool Weapon Light Test
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Simons is from the United States, he is not a professional laboratory worker, he is just a tactical light enthusiast. He recently performed some rigorous tests on the Weltool W65B weapon, including immersion in water for 1 hour, drop test on concrete ground, high frequency vibration test on his DIY vibration tool, not only these, he also added this weapon light Tethered to a Honda Talon 1000 UTV and towed 3 miles. The W65B was still working, so he mounted the light on the rifle and did a crash test and drop test. Surprisingly, the light was still working! Simons is an honest good guy and these tests are his voluntary no deal. He was so impressed with the light that he was thinking about planning for the next test because the light never died, well, we'll see.

This Weltool weapon light falls through a hose to hard ground, each time the light head hits the ground first, which is extremely challenging for a weapon light, and it passed this drop test.

Immersion test:

Vibration test:

This Weltool weaponlight had been drop tested and shock tested before, and had been soaked in a bucket for 1 hour, and it ended up being tethered to a Honda Talon 1000 UTV and dragged for 3 miles and it still worked!

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Mounted on Rifle Shock and Drop Tested: