Weltool CMJ pistol light and 3TAC tactical flashlights
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Weltool manufactured the W3 LEP flashlight in 2018, introducing the LEP light source into the portable lighting field for the first time. Before that, we were the first manufacturer to implant Osram’s Projection Compact LED into flashlights. It was in 2017 and caused a sensation. Today, this type of LED is very popular in all kinds of flashlights and weapon lights. Subsequently, in 2020, W35LEP weapon light was born, which is the world's first LEP tactical light. Obviously, this is not to follow the rules, we are the pioneers.

We have 16 years of experience in designing and manufacturing portable lighting products, and we are more focused on innovation. This is not grandstanding, but respect for users. Based on these 16 years of experience, we design products that are more in line with specific user requirements. This is a long and patient process, so we missed a lot of things, such as business opportunities and banknotes.

We have now designed many new concept products and are applying for patents, such as 3TAC (three tactical modes) series tactical flashlights, CMJ (Controlling Muzzle Jump) series pistol lights.

We continue to test and optimize in order to look forward to satisfying customers. We don't like tinkering, maybe these are subversion of conventional thinking, but we believe that there will always be some people who want to get these. Now we are in a race against time.

Please forgive my poor English, I hope I can express it clearly, thank you everyone!