Weltool Patent: LEP Flashlight and Weapon Light with Spill Beam
Source: | Author:weltool | Published time: 2022-03-18 | 417 Views | Share:

In 2018, Weltool took the lead in using LEP light source to manufacture the world's first LEP flashlight, becoming an industry leader and attracting many imitators.

Today, Weltool has developed a new LEP flashlight and weapon light with a spill beam, which in turn will be an industry-leading design. The traditional LEP light source is just a hot spot beam, which is not conducive to wide-range lighting at close range, especially it does not meet the requirements for the use of weapon lights.

In 2022, Weltool has revolutionized the game for LEP lighting products. This LEP product with spill beam uses an optical lens with a patented structure, which brings a spill light while maintaining the LEP hot spot, achieving an LED-like lighting effect. Not only can it be thrown from a long distance, but also can be illuminated in a wide range at close range.

We do not do simple tinkering, we will always be technological innovation.

This is a Weltoo patent, and more innovative products will be released, we are a professional portable lighting manufacturer.