• Weltool W35L/W65L LEP Weaponlight with Spill
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  • Weltool W35L/W65L LEP Weaponlight with Spill

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Product parameters

    The W35L and W65L are long-range LEP weapon lights with spill beams, the W35L is the compact (18350 battery) and the W65L is the full size (18650 battery). Shared LH18 head, light intensity of 175,000 candela, throwing distance of 836 meters, 630 lumens. The light head adopts a customized LEP light source and an optical lens innovatively designed by weltool, which optimizes the beam of the traditional LEP weapon light to have a spill beam, which has a larger visible range and will not interfere or expose the position of teammates due to the spill. The rear of the W35L and W65L is a forward switch, with a shock-resistant, fatigue-resistant, low-resistance spring structure, and comes with a high-drain 18650 or 18350 battery. This is a groundbreaking weapon light that optimizes the LEP traditional beam to a spill beam pioneered by Weltool.


    Aluminum alloy material, hard anodized

    PMMA optical lens, coated tempered glass lens

    Using high power white light LEP light source, color temperature 6000-6500K


    Light Output630 Lumens600 Lumens
    Beam Intensity175,000 candela175,000 candela
    Beam Distance836m

    The above data is obtained from Weltool 3000mAh 18650  li-ion battery and 1200mAh 18350 li-ion battery.

    This product has battery over-discharge protection, battery polarity protection, low voltage reminder function

    No flicker and noise

    Battery type: 1 18650 or 1 18350 lithium ion battery

    IP67, can be used in heavy rain

    Passed the 1 meter height drop test

    Each light has an independent serial number

    Weight (without battery): 130±1g (W65L); 122±1g ((W35L)

    Dimensions (±0.5mm): (head diameter) 29mm, (body width) 29mm, (W65L length) 158mm, (W35L length) 127mm

    Included: Weltool high drain 18650 or 18350 Li-ion battery, O-ring

    Because most pressure switches cannot handle high current, it is recommended to use the original Weltool TC70 forward switch back cover.

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    • D***= (Ordinary) 2023-06-28 03:01:40

      I have a Mod Lite 18650 3500mAh 3.6V 12.6Wh rechargeable battery. Will it work with this light?

    • D***= (Ordinary) 2023-06-28 02:59:25

      Hello, I have 2 questions:

      Can the Surefire Scout Light Dual Switch Tailcap be used with this light?

      Can the Unity Hot Button handle the current for this light?


      • Mall Customer >2023-06-29 18:45:21

        1,of course, no problem
        2,I don't know if this switch is a full power switch, but I've seen some shooters using them that way.

    • D***= (Ordinary) 2023-06-28 02:58:58

      Can the Surefire Scout Light Dual Switch Tailcap be used with this light?

    • D***= (Ordinary) 2023-06-28 02:58:43

      Will the Unity Hot Button handle the current with this light?